The Oral History of the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble

Brett Whitehead
January 24, 2012

n 1985, the World Wrestling Federation introduced the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble was a 30-man over-the-top rope battle royal where new contestants were introduced every two minutes to enter the match. The last man standing was declared the winner and went on to face the Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania. Past winners include Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Vince McMahon, John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In 2007, co-geniuses Eli Shaika and Brett Whitehead introduced the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble. The BDRR was almost identical to its namesake, with the minor exception that there was no wrestling and everyone was drinking beer. Every January since 2007, a Beer Drinking Royal Rumble has been held and a new victor has been crowned. Prior to the event, Eli and Brett send an email seeking new participants to what has become the signature binge-drinking event of the winter.

Despite our earnest excitement, the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble is often feared and reviled by those who have not attended. Whether it be the glorification of alcohol abuse, the heavy pro-wrestling influence, or the anecdotes regarding a lot of vomiting, the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble is the source of much trepidation. It is the goal of this article to dispel this trepidation. The goal of this, the Oral History of the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble, is to not only to answer “What is the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble”, but to answer more importantly…

Can you win the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble?

THE RULES – How Does the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble Work?

Brett Whitehead (BDRR Co-founder, 5-time competitor): The Beer Drinking Royal Rumble is a marriage of my fandom of professional wrestling and Eli’s interest in semi-annual drinking competitions. Eli and I thought of the IDEA for the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble first (i.e. a drinking game based on the WWF Royal Rumble) and then tried figuring out how it would work afterward. The rules of the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble seemed impossible when the idea was originated, but the logistics were fairly easy to figure out.

Eli Shaika (BDRR Co-founder, 4-time competitor): I think we wanted to make the experience as much like the actual WWE event as possible. Though we knew drawing order would affect outcome, your talents in the “ring” could lead you to victory. The more we discussed it, the more comparisons to the REAL Rumble we had…and it just kinda came together.

Brett: At its essence, the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble mirrors the real Royal Rumble perfectly. Two people enter the ring, which for purposes of the event is Eli’s kitchen. Every two minutes a new person joins in. If at any point, a contestant is two beers ahead of another contestant, the slower, lamer beer-drinker is eliminated. Beers are counted by the number of beers any contestant has in front of them at one time. To easily keep track of everyone’s status, the lowest common beer every active contestant has consumed at the same time is removed from the table. Therefore, anytime anyone has two beers in front of them, anyone with no beers in front of them is eliminated. To prevent a new player from being eliminated immediately, every new contestant has two minutes to finish their first beer. Once the beer is done or the two minutes have passed, they are fully in the competition. The contest continues until one person is left standing.

Ray O’Connor (2-time competitor): It’s a pretty elegant system in that the rules are simple but they encourage a multitude of strategies, you get the “dude’s dude” that thinks he can drink 1,000 beers in two minutes that ends up barfing, the nursers that just try to hang and get lucky (i.e. me), and Eli, who just destroys everyone.

Brett: As we’ve proceeded through a few years, we’ve added a few rule changes. One of which is if you have to take a bathroom break, you are docked a beer. While the original intent was to prevent people from pouring beer down the drain, it ended up making the entire experience a lot more hateful. It’s also been the primary reason Bill B. loses every year, but that’s a story for another time.

Eli: I know somewhere along the lines a new rule was set to prohibit tampering with an opponent’s beer. It very well could have been an in game scenario that triggered it, as I don’t remember laying down any sort of ground rules about what you COULDN’T DO to another person’s beer. We did mandate all outside drinking apparatus (beer bongs, keys for shotgunning, ect) are not allowed, very much like the steel chair, but, as in sports entertainment, what the ref doesn’t see…

Brett: Another rule is that you are automatically eliminated if you throw up. What started out as a contingency plan to level the playing field, has ended up being the signature attraction of the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble and on more than occasion has determined the winner.

BDRR 1 – The Inaugural Event and the Beginning of a Dynasty

Eli: When Brett and I thought up the Rumble, we didn’t feel it would be a hard sell for people to attend and participate. In our minds, who wouldn’t want to drink TONS of beer in a competition setting? I think the first Rumble was still our largest list of entries with about 15, which still left us with a bunch of cats on the sideline “watching.”

Brett: I was very excited for the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble, as it mixed two of my favorite past times, pro wrestling and drinking canned beer. Another activity I really enjoyed during this period of time was making my own iron-on tee-shirts. Prior to the event, I intended on making a custom shirt that honored Shawn Michaels, arguably the greatest Royal Rumble competitor of all time. Unfortunately, I bought a shirt that was too small for a night of heavily alcohol consumption AND I spelled the last name wrong.

Eli: I remember how excited Brett was to win this competition. There was a good deal of shit talking. There was only one chick in the mix, our friend Blythe. I think that might be the only person Brett eliminated?

Brett: The night continued down unsuccessful paths for me when I drew the first pick in the Rumble. There were approximately 15 people in that year, so I figured my chances of winning were slim. Conveniently, the second pick in the rumble was a girl named Blythe. In order to mitigate the damage I would incur early on, I tried to bargain with Blythe and tell her that we should both drink slowly to last longer. Unfortunately, Blythe wanted to win and began pounding beers trying to eliminate me. I was eliminated four people later when the yearly beer chugger downed three beers in sixty seconds. I spent the rest of the rumble as a bloated, sweaty man spilling out of a SHAWN MICHEALS shirt.

Ray: Although I went into the first year expecting to die, I think I came out of the rumble more sober than when I entered. The first rumble was a while ago, so the details are a little hazy, but I remember going in pretty early and leaving pretty early. I tried to stay in as best I could, but I knew I didn’t have much of a chance of winning. I guess you could compare my performance to Razor Ramone’s in the ’97 Rumble: A somewhat notable overall drinking game career, but a complete non-factor in the Rumble.

Eli: I felt my two biggest threats were our friends Bill B., and John B. These two men who were not only large in stature, but large in both dedication and alcohol tolerance. When John started chugging and eliminating the field, I got nervous…but then realized this tactic had its downfalls.

Bill B. (3-time competitor, self-proclaimed King of Delaware County): The BDRR means many things to many people to me it is a series of bitter sweet defeats at the hands of the mighty Eli. The first year is a bit hazy but I remember coming into the event midway through with a good chance to make a run at the title. My decision to come in hot Stone Cold Steven Austin style proved to be my inevitable downfall

Brett: We would find that every year, one person enters around four of five and then just starts chugging beer as fast as possible. Usually this person is good at chugging beer and drinking. Unfortunately, there’s only so much beer a man can chug and this person regularly is eliminated toward the end in spectacular fashion. For those wrestling enthusiasts out there, it is the equivalent of the Big Show/Kane in the actual Royal Rumble. The largest wrestler enters in the middle, eliminates all the stragglers and then gets tired and eliminated soon after.

Bill: As I tapped out and felt an inner disappointment and I felt like I let the crowd down as one of the early favorites. I however continued to drink the night away to mask the pain and hence my hazy recollections of the first BDRR.

ELI: I knew with 15 people, my drawing would really be the key to victory. Being the last name picked, it was an easy tap in goal victory for me, as I held off Josh Mahesh Kost for my first BDRR victory.

BDRR 2 – A Legendary Competition Teaches Everyone Lessons for the Future.

Eli: This was the second rumble I was hosting . It was in my new apt which also housed a few of my fraternity brothers from college. Unfortunately, they ended up not being able to participate, so we had a pretty slim 8 contestants to start.

Bill: The second year I came in more focused with my eye on the prize, while the field was not as deep the few that attended where the champions of the sport and a championship performance was had.

Ray: I didn’t make this one, though I heard great things. I think around this time I started dating my future wife, and she wasn’t really into competitive drinking events based on fake athletics.

Brett: I should also note up front, that the event took place in Eli’s basement, so there were no windows or ventilation once we got started. The fireworks started early that year. I drew the second pick, and was an entrant during the first bout of vomiting.

Eli: My girlfriend Becky invited a few of her buddies, both new to the concept, and I think they went a little too hard, too fast. This was never more evident than when one of them blew chunks across the table, and onto my friend Pat McC , who wasn’t initially supposed to be there in the first place.

Brett: I don’t remember who it was, but I remember the look on Pat’s face when his new jacket was puked on. Pat didn’t even want to be in the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble, but was talked into playing so we could have more people. Needless to say, both of them were eliminated.

Eli: The vomit was INTENSE after that. My buddy Ben was the next to spew, and he did so hard enough against the brick wall of my basement that it sounded like a fire hose. I’ve never seen such a violent display of puke. That really started making everyone else nervous, and while Becky and Brett both bowed out, it left Bill and myself to see who could stand victorious.

Brett: After I was eliminated, the next three people were eliminated via throw up elimination. Unfortunately (kind of), no one threw up at the first Beer Drinking Royal Rumble, so we were unprepared for four people throwing up in an enclosed space. Two loosely draped plastic trash bags were rendered useless, as people began puking on the floor in the enclosed area.

Eli: I liken the end of that battle to the end of Rocky II….both fighters laid out by the opposition, only to have a frantic battle to see who would be the first (and only one) standing.

Bill: As the vomit began to spew all over the basement of the tenement that was Eli’s house I had to summon my inner strength to not vomit, even when Pat McC became the victim of a vicious pukecano. I thought I had the BDRR title in the bag as I downed what must have been my 15th beer in about 30 minutes.

Eli: I started to feel the puke coming up in my chest, and the visions of pukers past certainly didn’t help. I choked up what COULD HAVE BEEN my undoing in BDRR II, but instead held back to see Bill’s puke-cano explosion running down his chin.

Bill: The mastermind Eli pulled a Mr. Perfect like fake out as vomit crept up my throat I saw this look in his eye and knew I had been duped but give him credit for the move champions come through in the clutch. Once again I then drank my heartbreak away.

Brett: After the ending, the crowd was whipped into a frenzy. I mostly remember my friend Jeff and I laughing so hard that tears were running down my face.

Jeffrey Z. (BDRR Spectator): My memories of the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble have, thus far, solely been from the perspective of a spectator. A fan. I’ve seen the best and the worst, tidal waves of vomit, narrowly dodging the projectile of some fallen hero.

Eli: I had done it…I had outlasted Bill and claimed my second BDRR win…only to throw up SO MUCH right afterwards. What ensued was certainly stuff of legend, as everyone was just puking left and right…contestants, NON contestants.

Steve Awesome (3-time competitor) – Sadly I was not there for the BDRR where EVERYONE vomited. But I’ve heard the legend.

Brett: Amidst the chaos, I later learned that a spectator who was not participating was so grossed out by everything that she too threw up. To put that in context, I was in an enclosed basement with someone who threw up on the floor and I had to be told about it later because I didn’t notice on my own. Someone could throw up in the King of Prussia mall and I’m pretty confident I could smell it in the parking lot.


BDRR 3 – On the Frozen Tundra, One Man Becomes the Heartbreak Kid.

Brett: The third Beer Drinking Royal Rumble was fucking freezing. It was genuinely so cold that it hurt to be outside. After the year before, however, there was no way we would be able to convince anyone to have the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble inside, so we were forced outside in the cold.

Eli: I just remember the cold…so fucking cold. Becky had since purchased a lovely new house in Philadelphia, and after the vomitous shenanigans of BDRR II in my basement, we were not about to have a repeat performance INDOORS in the new house. The only option was to have the first (AND HOPEFULLY LAST) BDRR challenge outdoors. The elements posed a new obstacle. Despite the fire pit flaming next to the table…the bitter January air was a bit much to handle.

Brett: For the third year in a row, I was an early pick, but luckily I was the third one in. Eli, the previous victor was the first. Based on our previous events, we were all excited for the prospect of a new winner, as no one could possibly win after being the first contestant in.

Eli: I was picked first this year, something that put me immediately at a disadvantage against not only last year’s rival Bill B., but the intimidating Doug R. Doug came in as an unknown, but his size and drinking ability made him one of the odds on favorites. I was definitely nervous when Brett and I started the bout one on one.

Brett: BDRR 3 was the first appearance of Pete. Pete was intrigued by the idea of the Beer Drinking Royal Rumble and has a competitive streak that has manifested itself in board games, drinking games, and most conversations involving time travel. In a move that could be best described as Ted-Dibiase-ian (maybe?), Pete brought a ringer in the form of his friend Doug.

Pete F. (2-time competitor): My first year as a participant. I know very little about wrestling, but I was dubbed Ted Dibiase for a variety of reasons. I brought Doug specifically to beat Eli. I brought a flexi-straw because if you put it in the neck of bottle beers and don’t drink out of it, it eliminates air bubbles.

ELI: I remember going pretty steady until Doug came in. The beast of a man chugged beer after beer trying to get the best of the field. He took some out, and I frantically chugged with him to stay 1 can behind. I honestly thought it would be my undoing…but fortunately for me, Doug outdid himself.

Brett: Doug’s appearance was dominant, and it was hard to believe that Doug wasn’t going to win. This made Doug’s initial surrender from the Rumble strange. Doug had just eliminated five people and was on a pretty clear path to victory. After some coaxing, Doug re-entered. I mean, why would you give up when you’re so obviously going to win? Turns out the answer to that question is that you’re going to throw up like a fire hose.

Eli: Like John B. in BDRR 1, the chug tactic took its toll on Doug, and he bailed out….right before forcefully projecting the beers he drank out of his gullet.

Steve: My favorite memory from the BDRR is Doug. Doug knew it was coming. Could feel his stomach telling him “no” but he still battled on. Then it came: the waves and waves of vomit. I have never seen anyone vomit that much. His vomit was pure light beer too.

Pete: Of course, Doug couldn’t hang. He kept trying to quit, and I kept talking him into staying and just slowing down. Then he proceeded to barf for 3 minutes straight. Probably the hardest I ever have or ever will laugh at someone puking. Amazing. I don’t remember how I did that night other than not do that well. The straw gave me no advantage because we had cans.

Eli: It ended up that my final showdown would once again be against Bill B…but he didn’t stand alone as my only enemy. The chill had gotten so bad that my back began to tighten, and the want of warmth and an empty belly started to creep in my head. The final minutes stretched on, and many started to lose interest…including Bill.

Pete: It came down to Eli & Bill, and even though Bill was at a huge advantage, he came up very small, and lost a beer for peeing.

Eli: While he was talking about something incredibly loud (as is his passion) he forgot to watch the cans as I slipped one down, the quickly chugged another and slammed it on the table. My three-peat was realized and I went back inside a winner, again.

Bill: The third year I entered with the goal of claiming my title as the BDRR and once again I fell victim to the New York Yankees of the BDRR, Eli. We battled in the frozen tundra of Eli’s back cement ring. Once Doug lost his cookies I knew that I had a chance but once again at the end I could not overcome the dominating performance of Eli. And for a third year in a row drank my sorrows away.

BDRR 4 – Stiff Competition Leads to a Shocking Twist.

Eli: BDRR IV could have been my finest hour as a consumer of alcoholic beverages. Against a fairly large field of drinkers, I pulled a middle of the road drawing and entered the fray once again against Doug R.

Pete: Came down with Kevin W. & Doug. My loving wife did not participate but kept track. She got yelled at by some weird metal kid with the questionable name of Ori who claimed he was on his 8th beer, but was in fact on his third. Doug came first, slammed beers at a ridiculous pace, and was eliminated again rather quickly.

Brett: Doug’s elimination was surprising, but more disappointing than anything. After last year’s performance, we were unsure who would step up and challenge Eli. We also wondered who would be this year’s token person to succumb to the dramatic vomit DQ.

Kevin W. (1-time competitor): I came to the BDRR with no expectations. It was tough to have pre-conceived notions about something so out of the box. I knew I needed to draw a late number in order to have a real chance at winning, so I was quite dismayed when I pulled #5. When I got into the ring, the thing that struck me first was how cold the beer was. Ice cold. As I struggled through the first few cans, my body temperature began to drop. I began shivering violently. I was in trouble. But I slogged through, as best I could.

Pete: Kevin chugged a few beers, started shaking from the cold beer, and proceeded to puke in the trashcan and outside.

Kevin: Once the rumbling down below started, there was no stopping it. Less than a minute later, the trigger was being pulled for me. All I could do was look for the nearest receptacle. Amazingly, I found it instantly, firing my projectile vomit perfectly to its target. I immediately exited the kitchen and out the door, as I know others probably felt about vomit the same way I did. When I returned to applause, I was pleased. I was not going to be known as a loser who puked, but as the Most Professional Vomiter in BDRR history.

Eli: Though he learned from his mistakes of the previous year, Doug still couldn’t hang with what turned out to be a fast drinking final 3…Pete Friend, the wildcard of this year, joined Brett and myself as the last 3 drinkers standing. And boy did it take FOREVER. We traded sips like true men; big, real sips like dudes who truly know how to get after it. We sang songs, we told funny stories…we were more or less just hanging out it seemed, with people watching every move of our can.

Pete: Most contestants eliminated early, which left Brett, Me, Eli. Brett thought it smart to drink liquor beforehand, so was basically incoherent the whole time, yet managed to hang long. Brett fell…a lot.

Brett: I have mixed feelings about the 4th Beer Drinking Royal Rumble. Very often, I try to change my preparation for the Royal Rumble to advance my chances of winning. I’ve tried eating a big dinner, I’ve tried eating no dinner, and I’ve tried drinking Pepto Bismol. This year, I thought going in drunk was the best way to proceed.

Pete: I entered second to last, which should have made it easier, but Eli is a machine. However, a rule violation by the champion allowed me to stay in the game, and I ended up drinking 11 beers, which has to be some sort of record for someone entering so late.

Eli: Unfortunately, for me, victory would have been much easier if I hadn’t tried to grab Pete’s beer can and keep him from drinking it…which ended up a 1-beer penalty on my part. To this day, I don’t really know what I was thinking or what I really was trying to do…I just knew it was taking so long and I needed to shake things up.

Brett: Oddly enough, I lasted pretty long that year. Only Pete, Eli and I were left, the “Kane” drinker was eliminated, and Eli many beers in front of me, I started to believe that I could win. All I had to do was withstand a few more rounds and try not to throw up. I remember at one point thinking to myself, “I can do this. I am going to win”. Unfortunately, the next thing I remembered is waking up on Eli’s futon the next morning.

Eli: Brett really thought he had this one…but I wasn’t giving up. I remember he said “dude…just let me know this one” as we both swayed with beers in our hands. But I wasn’t going to let up, and finally Brett succumbed.

Brett: I sort of remember the Rumble being over, but I definitely don’t remember how it ended. From what I heard, I fell down a lot and left to pee more times than a man should in ten minutes. Later on, a bunch of pictures got posted on Facebook where I was clearly unaware of what was happening. Those pictures still make me sad three years later.

Ray: I saw the pictures, sorry I missed it.

Eli: This was the first year that beer stats were kept, and it ended up that I drank 18 beers in 90 minutes…a feat that I most likely won’t accomplish again.

Pete: As the below stats will show, his pace of 1 beer every 4.8 minutes for 87 straight minutes is superhuman. Right up there with his 5 carbombs in 22 seconds feat. The stats:

Table 1: BDRR 4 Results

Competitor Time In Time Out # of Beers
Mike 9:32 9:44 5
Doug 9:32 9:44 5
Ori 9:34 9:47 4
Eli (winner) 9:36 11:03 18
Kevin 9:38 10:00 4.5 (puked)
Brett 9:40 11:03 13
Becky 9:42 10:01 3
Mike L. 9:44 9:54 2
Tim 9:46 9:54 2
Pete 9:48 11:03 11
Mary 9:50 10:09 3

Names were drawn randomly from the Bowl of Mysticism.
10:58- Brett takes a pee break and knocks over the beer receptacle
10:59- Brett falls over
11:00- Brett falls again
11:01- Brett falls again
11:03- Eli eliminates Brett & Pete, becoming champion for the 4th straight year
Eli consumed 1 beer every 4.8 minutes for 87 minutes
Kevin also consumed 1 beer every 4.8 minutes. But for only 22, and then he booted. Hard.
Doug & Mike both easily consumed the fastest overall, averaging 1 beer every 2.4 minutes. Too much, too fast- they were both eliminated first.

Eli: This was me at my prime, and I decided that after winning all 4 of the first Beer Drinking Royal Rumbles, that I would leave on top, and retire from the competition forever. There was no one that could beat me in the field….or was there?

BDRR 5 – A New Champion is Crowned, but at What Cost?

Brett: Eli’s decision to skip the fifth BDRR was bittersweet. The BDRR needed a change of pace, but in the same token, it was disappointing that whoever the winner would be, it would be a tainted championship. Like winning in the real Royal Rumble any year that Hulk Hogan was in WCW.

Eli: This was my first BDRR as an outsider looking in. I was not a participant, but relished in my new position as “the Vince McMahon of BDRR”. I made sure the intro songs were up, and had a blast watching a pretty talented field of drinkers go after it.

Ray: My triumphant return! So this year I had 5 more years under my belt, and age doesn’t do any favors to one’s drinking abilities. My philosophy was the same as the first year: If I get in late, I’ll make a run for the title, late is in, like, last one in. If I get in early, I’m just going to phone it in and let the Hogans and Big Shows duke it out.

Brett: Oddly enough, I drove to the BDRR that year with two other people. I told them that I would drive home, UNLESS I had a chance to win. Since I never had a real shot before, it seemed likely that I would have a few beers, lose, and then drink water until everyone was eliminated.

Ray: I was in early-to-mid Rumble, so I went with the latter strategy. I also entered the “ring” to Ke$ha’s “We R who we R” which I enjoyed.

Eli: Without me in there, I did think Brett had a chance, and he drew a favorable position.

Brett: When I entered as the last pick, the two friends I came with were eliminated. I received blessing from my friend who was previously eliminated and started trying to win.

Ray: My favorite part of this year was that the law of the “dude’s dude” was confirmed. There will always be a guy that thinks he can chug beers relentlessly, and ends up puking. These guys usually take me out, but they always end up losing. It’s satisfying in the same way as seeing that Dodge Viper that blew by you at 100 MPH on the highway pulled over by cops 2 miles down the road.

Eli: The main competition was one of my fraternity brothers, Bubba. He, like many other confident drinkers, came in guns blazing, and just chugged tons of beers, clearing the room. Like many other confident drinkers, Bubba also chugged too hard and too fast, and ended up bowing out of the competition before yacking in the back yard (ala Doug in BDRR II). Little did he know, that he was only 1 beer from winning the whole competition. If he just slammed one more down, he would have been declared winner. This miscalculation opened the door for Jay Mel and Brett to have the final standoff.

Brett: The Rumble ended up just me and one other person, whose name I don’t remember. I do remember the other guy was not that into winning and kept saying that he was thinking about quitting. I told him that come hell or high water, I was going to drink until I either threw up or blacked out. He gave up soon after.

Eli: In what was more a display of intimidation than drinking talent, Brett pretty much scared Jay Mel into calling it quits, giving Brett the title he had coveted for so long…even if it was under not so perfect circumstances.


Eli: Brett became the BDRR first ever “bad guy”, and he will certainly have a lot to prove to keep his beloved title.

Brett: Everyone in the BDRR is stupid and ugly. I am the one true champion. Your sports teams are terrible. This town smells like farts.

The Future – What to Expect in BDRR 6.

Bill: I sat out the last couple of BDRR but in 2012 I will make my return to the cement square to stake my claim as the best of the best. I am hell bent on shaking the stigma of being the Buffalo Bills of the BDRR. Things will not be easy as father time is tugging at my shirt but with age comes experience in the pressure cooker that is the BDRR. As I will relish the time seeing my friends as obligations, carers, wives, fiances, and girlfriends do not allow us to thrash as much as we like, I am still a competitor at heart and will not let up when the chance to rip your heart out and crush it like the empty cans that will be scattered across the ring. The big cat is out the cage and is ready to pounce on all you punks.

Ray: I’ll be there. These days I’m pretty selective about my binge drinking, and I can’t think of a better excuse. Now excuse me while I think of an ironic theme song.

Pete: My intentions for BDDR are simply to do myself proud. I lost BDDR #4, but at the same time, it was easily the fastest pace of drinking double digit beers that I’ve ever done. And, I didn’t puke until I got home and got myself in the shower. As for winning, perhaps if I come in last pick I’ll have a shot, but even then I doubt it. I’d like to see Doug or Bill upset the real champ…not so much to see Eli lose, but to set the stage for any amazing comeback in BDRR #7. But I have a feeling he won’t lose. I’m excited Bill is coming. I think we are going to carpool.

Jeff: I’ve been keen on participating, somehow fate, or my own nerves, intervening. It is with the utmost pleasure and confidence that I enter the 2012 Beer Drinking Royal Rumble at the age of 30, either victory or a crash-and-burn worthy of a slow-motion Technicolor replay awaits. Competitors I salute you! To the victor!

Brett: As the reigning champion, I have to defend my title. I should note; however, that it is not MY appearance that the fans are clamoring for. The people want to see Hulk Hogan come out of retirement.

Eli: Ladies and Gentlemen…we welcome back to the ring once again, after 1 year of retirement Mr. Eli SHOWDOWN SHAIKA

In total, BDRR 6 poses to be an event of all-star proportions. While it is important to know who will be attending, the most pressing question remains unanswered:

ink splash

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