American Idol Fantasy Draft

Brett Whitehead
February 10, 2013

Although Iím fairly sure that my friend Justin is the only person who reads this website, I am fearful of what other people might think of what I have going on in my life right now after reading the articles Iíve written so far. Aside the wrestling and energy drinks, thereís an alarming amount of articles focused on gambling and excessive competition.

So when I say that the enclosed article depicts a fairly easy way to construct an American Idol Fantasy League, I should note that itís more like an office pool. I have done this pool for the past two years and it has survived even with two people who know nothing about my bungled efforts trying to win NCAA pools or Fantasy Olympics. We also have not put any money into the pot and have carried on solely in the spirit of competition.

This is partly due to being bored at work, but it also speaks to how perfectly scheduled American Idol is in the middle of the winter. Everything sucks in February. Weather and precipitation that was once charming in December now just blows. Football ends, and baseball games, which are generally meaningless during the season, are even more meaningless preseason games. American Idol kicks off at exactly half way during the week (Wednesday night) and ends right before Friday (Thursday night). Itís the best signal I have that the weekend is coming, just narrowly beating out a person I follow on Facebook who posts pictures of butts on “hump day.”

Statement of purpose

There are plenty of ways to construct a fantasy league for reality shows, but the key is to not over-complicate things. Some methods give points to characters for doing things that that are noteworthy to the show, but that strategy needs someone who wants to keep score while watching. We did a fantasy league for Project Runway, but lost interest in counting the “make it works” after three weeks. If you are/have such a person, feel free to supplement the points of this league with “sounds pitchy, dawgs” or contestants who are prematurely pegged to win the whole competition.


Much like the games developed by Milton Bradley, an American Idol Fantasy League requires 3-8 people over 3 years old. Contestants from the top 24 are drafted in snake order, meaning that it goes first to last one round and then last to first the next round. At the end of drafting, each player should have an equal amount of game show contestants who refuse to admit to themselves that they are on a game show.


The lazy way to score the league would be whoever picks the winner wins the league, but that doesnít show who the best American Idol prognosticator is, which is the whole point. The scoring in this league is based on who has the most contestants that last the longest. Every week that your singer survives, you get a point. When you singer is eliminated you donít get a point. The points are tallied every week and added on top of each other until the final three singers are chosen. The top three singers each get three points, the runner up gets five points and the winner gets ten points. Itís easy to score and easy to follow. Also, everyone usually stays alive and interested in the league through more than half the season.

If you want to ratchet up the scoring, each week have each player put three names in a sealed envelope predicting the bottom three BEFORE the signing happens. Each player also picks the person getting sent home out of those three. Each correct pick in the bottom three gets one point and a correct elimination gets two points. The problem with this caveat is that if one person forgets or gets bored making picks, the whole thing is ruined. So donít use this alteration if you’re dealing with flaky people. In fact, donít hang out with those people at all.

The person with the most points wins.


Donít be pitchy, dawg.
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