Animals with their Own Instagram Feeds

Jess Whitehead
December 14, 2012

I recently joined Instagram (follow me @jessieonthecutebeat) and was immediately BLOWN AWAY by all the cute animals who have their own instagram accounts. They must get some technical support from their owners.

First off, Snoopybabe. Two questions remain unanswered… 1. What kind of cat are you? 2. Why are you so cute??

Snoopybabe with glasses
Figure 1: Snoopybabe sitting with hipster glasses.

Snoopybabe with giraffe ears
Figure 2: Snoopybabe wearing giraffe ears(?).

Mawin_hope brings her own kind of fluffy cuteness to Instagram. Here she is with a friend. And as a lobster.

Mawin_hope with friend
Figure 3: Mawin_hope with a friend.

Mawin_hope as a lobster
Figure 4: Mawin_hope as a lobster.

Puppypalace deviates from the norm by posting a different puppy pic nearly every day. You can even request your favorite breed to be posted. WHAT?!?

Puppypalace sweater pup
Figure 5: Puppypalace sweater pup.

Puppypalace yawning pup
Figure 6: Puppypalace yawning pup.

Finally, the daddy of all cute animal instagramers: Marutaro. This was my first cute instagram discovery, and 48 pictures later, he has never once disappointed.

Marutaro sleeping
Figure 7: Marutaro sleeping.

Marutaro looking regal on some steps
Figure 8: Marutaro looking regal on some steps.

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