Holy Crap!

Jess Whitehead
September 1, 2012

Since I last blogged, something huge has happened for West Ham United F.C.: Andy Carroll was purchased during the transfer window!! There is no denying, this could be absolutely huge for West Ham. Andy Carroll, as a player and as a man, is polarizing. One the one side, he a member of the British national team, and has a huge number of goals under his belt for being only 23 years old. He also became the second most expensive player ever purchased in the EPL, when Liverpool bought him from New Castle in 2010. On the other side, Carroll is kind of shady. If I was to equate him to an American sports star, he would be Pat Burrell. His lackluster season with Liverpool last year meant that he completely failed to live up to his hype. On the field, he sort of lollops as if hes running through water, with a stomach full of beer. He looks like a malnourished male model and is a notorious boozehound and womanizer. I had a flash of worry . . . is he too pretty for West Ham?

Despite it all, I think this is going to be a really, really good thing for West Ham. Were in a position to completely build our team around him, and really let him shine. Underneath it all, Andy Carroll is a really brilliant football player. Having him on our team just may solve some of our problems shown in the first two games of the season and help us put up some points against better teams. Hes also great at headers, so may be able to capitalize on West Hams proven skill at set pieces and corner kicks.

To show just how big and exciting this is, I asked some of my best friends what they thought about the West Ham purchase of Andy Carroll. Here are their responses in the order they texted back:

James: “I dont have an opinion on that yet . . . but I like this Eden Hazard on Chelsea.”

Ray (Swansea fan): “The Hammers stock is rising! If Walcott leaves Arsenal, Brett might be finishing after both of us.”

Joannah (Clemson college sports fan): “Andy Carroll on West Ham???? No way..”

Linda (My mom): “Im totally for it. Is that what Im supposed to say?”

Brett: “Hes going to keep them from relegation.”

Ally (brooch fan): “Hey. If Brittany can survive 2007, you can survive anything!”

Neal: Who to what?

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